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Leaders and Technology: Responding to "Unprecedented Times"

No one is more tired of the phrase "unprecedented times" than the small business owner of today. While COVID-19 has ushered in uncertainty for all working professionals, there has been a tremendous amount of pressure placed particularly on small businesses. Many businesses have taken this time to reimagine their communication strategies, as in-person contact has been greatly limited. Amidst all the many technological changes in the workplace at this time, it must be recognized that technological advancement, however challenging, is a necessary part of any thriving business.

Unsurprisingly, a new study has found that there are some major benefits to rethinking your technology usage amidst the difficulties of 2020. The Deloitte 2020 Global Technology Leadership Study shares how technologically effective leaders manage new technology in their workplace. In these "unprecedented times" these tips could help you prioritize technology upkeep in your office and improve your business’s success as a result.


The 2020 Deloitte study found that successful leaders are not only keeping technology at the center of their communication strategy but are willing to make sure they are reaching their technology’s full capacity outside of its typical use. Leaders in technology management are prioritizing growth through their technology practices.

Growth benchmarks need to be frequently measured and monitored to help you gain an understanding of what technology is and is not working for your business. During this pandemic, small businesses are not getting the face time they often rely on for feedback, so almost all indicators of success have gone digital. Tracking your customer engagement is possible through many platforms including email marketing (open rates, clicks), website engagement (views, purchases), social media views (shares, comments, views), Google analytics, and more! As you begin to check these numbers over time, you will find a wealth of information about your business. Once this data is compiled and trends are analyzed you can begin applying what you have learned.

· Is your technology promoting/providing growth?

· How are you tracking that progress?

· How often are you documenting your customer engagement on various platforms?


The most successful industry visionaries are comfortable with reimagining existing technology practices. The research shows that thriving industry professionals are dedicated to making the necessary changes to keep their workplace functioning as efficiently as possible. The type of boss that implements these strategies, called a "kinetic leader," is not afraid to change protocol for the sake of efficiency, growth, and improvement.

The same is true for your small business. Prioritizing efficiency often means reorganizing existing technology, retraining on technology protocols, or even introducing new technology altogether. Technology opportunities for small businesses are rapidly changing every day, and this is a great time to take advantage of them. Many new softwares are totally free and available online.

· How comfortable are you with change? Is your "business as usual" approach optimizing your results?

· When is the last time you did a technology review?

· Are you past due for technology updates?


Deloitte's study indicated that the most effective leaders prioritize that technology works for the whole organization. An effective leader must be willing to stretch their vision of a technologically successful workplace through and beyond their company's comfort zone and mold a workplace that invites innovation on all levels.

As you integrate data and communication across various platforms, you are creating a database of vital information that can help you learn more about where growth needs to happen. This database can help show you where the holes in your technology’s capabilities are. For example: you find that your email marketing engagement is great, but there is hardly any social media following on your various accounts. As you investigate, you may find that it is helpful to invest a social media posting software, or even branching out into online design softwares to up your post quality and promote engagement. Using the right tools for your business will save you time and help your business succeed.

· Does the technology incorporated into your workplace span the whole organization?

· Are all technology platforms communicating with each other?

· Is everyone in the workplace gaining the most helpful software for their position?

Introducing new technology into the workplace can be challenging in the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. However, making small shifts to reorient your business toward technological success will help your business meet the next “unprecedented time” with more confidence.

To learn more about the Deloitte's study, visit their website.

More information can be found here.

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