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As a fellow small business, we understand the challenges small teams face on a day-to-day basis. Part-time positions allow our team to partner our expertise with your know-how to create maximum success for your business. Our team is passionate about offering services that aid small business owners in their daily operations. Let us help you focus on the heart of your business- what you do best. 


All of these positions can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business.


Financial management and financial reporting are some of the many consistent responsibilities of the CFO's position. The part-time CFO is responsible for ensuring the financial health of your business, including annual reporting and licensing on both the state and local level. Similarly, this position directly partners with your management to keep you engaged and informed on all financial ongoings of your business while managing risks and insurance needs.


Every business has daily financial responsibilities that directly affect the profitability of the business. Our bookkeeper can review bank accounts and transactions to present a consistent view of the financial health of the business. Similarly, this position can prepare and complete payroll on a consistent basis.  This position can create and maintain a chart of accounts that keeps your business’s cash flow running smoothly.


One of the most necessary and tedious areas of business upkeep falls under the umbrella of human resources. Having a team of employees comes with a lengthy list of responsibilities outside of weekly payroll. This position can help you create an onboarding plan that addresses all areas of employee management, from training to insurance enrollment. This position can also guide your team through compliance laws and reporting.

For more information about how we can collaborate with your team, connect with us.

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